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The beauty of technology blooms during the 2016 China International Beauty Expo


On September 4th – 6th, the 43rd China International Beauty Expo took place in Guangzhou, where home-use beauty device industry leader COSBEAUTY unveiled two major series "ai" and "Perfect" and multiple product lines of home-use beauty devices in the International Brand Hall.


Focused on creating the ultimate experience and personalized skin care solutions, COSBEAUTY continuously conduct independent R&D and come up with innovations, receiving numerous domestic and foreign patents, gaining widespread popularity overseas, especially in the Japanese market.

The diverse product lines shown at this exhibition make use of advanced sonic and light technologies, which combined with the interdisciplinary mobile and online platform technologies, provide beauty seekers with in-depth care of the face and the body.

COSBEAUTY's products boast a sleek, simple, and modern appearance, smart skin care planning, leading the way into the age of smart skin care, showing the elegant beauty of being "smart".


PerfectClassy Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Device


PerfectClean Sonic Facial Cleansing Device


PerfectSmooth IPL Hair Removal Device





COSBEAUTY pursues perfect beauty through smart technology.


China International Beauty Expo

The China International Beauty Expo was founded in 1989 and serves as the industry benchmark for the Chinese cosmetics industry. It has already successfully hosted 42 fairs, and is now becoming the number one industry fair in the whole world. The home care domain, the professional line, the suppliers - every part of the industry is covered; high-end merchants, buyers, and industry professionals from all over the world come together to connect with the international fashion industry, making this the biggest, most authoritative information exchange platform for the beauty industry of China.