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The new milestone of internationalization Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2016


After the China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo and the Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong, COSBEAUTY came to the Mediterranean. The "miracle family", boasting of multiple innovative smart home-use beauty devices, made its first appearance in the 2016 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Italy, becoming a new milestone on the road to internationalizing the brand.



COSMOPROF WOLDWIDE BOLOGNA has been renowned for nearly 50 years, and is recognized as the industry's largest and most authoritative global beauty expo; most of the top brands will be releasing this their latest products and innovative technology in this event. This time, COSBEAUTY also brought some brand new star products to the brands and agents of Europe.


Modern urban women are using beauty devices more and more to care for the skin and body, and understanding one's own skin condition and finding the most suitable skin care program, is becoming the goal of more and more beauty-seeking women. COSBEAUTY's "miracle family" beauty devices cover skin analysis, cleaning, moisturizing, body care and more, and strengthen & extend the traditional chemical skin care regime dominated by creams and lotions.


Elegant design, innovative care effect, fashionable brand image, COSBEAUTY products attracted the attention and inquiry of many visitors. Among them, the aiDirect Pro Smart Skin Analyzer, the PerfectSmooth IPL Hair Removal Device, and the aiMoist Smart Hydrogen Water Mist Spray received the multiple praises from the major agents; "we really hope to use your smart skin analyzer and its app to recommend suitable products for our customers." A skin care brand from Spain was anxious to begin working with COSBEAUTY as soon as possible. All the samples from COSBEAUTY were preordered and were out of stock by the first day - even the exquisite show booth was ordered.



Promoting "beauty through science and technology" COSBEAUTY Technology Co., Ltd. put a lot of efforts into developing new smart home-use beauty device technologies. This time, their outstanding performance at one of the leading beauty expos of the world is a great first step towards the European and American markets, changing the preconceived notion by many Europeans and Americans that Chinese industries can only produce OEM products. This is also the pride and purpose of COSBEAUTY.