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Media coverage focuses on smart technology, Shanghai CBE 2016



2016 China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) was held from May 18th to 20th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. COSBEAUTY, as the leading brand of beauty device industry, left a stunning impression for the participants, the distributors and media with their signature "perfect beauty through smart technology" approach, impressing with their advanced technology.


 Youku interview of COSBEAUTY

COSBEAUTY borrows from the advantages of Japanese home-use beauty devices, combined with modern design style to showcase the star products from the two major series "ai" and "Perfect"; these "miracle beauty devices" also became the focus of the expo, attracting the attention of the media and participants.




Hunan TV "Queen" APP live broadcast

In order to let the national consumers feel the passion of the expo, on the first day of the show, May 18th, Hunan TV's women's fashion APP "Queen" gave a live broadcast for COSBEAUTY products.



Widely acclaimed star product

As a representative of the "ai" series of products, the aiDirect Pro Skin Analyzer uses a unique "detect-analyze-recommend-track" system, to help beauty-seekers remain informed about what's going on with their skin, allowing them to understand current treatment for the skin and track the effects of skin care.



In addition, several other star products from COSBEAUTY's "miracle family" also garnered praise from industry professionals during this expo.



Spreading the concept of scientific skin care to the world

Working under the principle of "beauty through science and technology", COSBEAUTY leads the way in the development of home-use smart beauty devices, and will continue to focus on innovation and quality, developing the ultimate experience and personalized device skin care solutions.