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Smart beauty for a fashionable metropolis | COSBEAUTY 2016 Cosmoprof Asia



From November 16th to 18th, COSBEAUTY's two major series "ai" and "Perfect" and multiple smart home-use beauty device product lines made their appearance at Cosmoprof Asia (Hong Kong), showcasing the perfect fusion of technology and beauty. 




COSBEAUTY entered the expo with the theme of "Smart Beauty for a Fashionable Metropolis", realistically portraying the urban women's colorful modern city lives, innovating in bringing in the "window-style" modern shopping concept from the West and incorporating in their showcase design, focusing on scenes from real life, and combining them with the core functions of the products, to create an immersive exhibition experience. 




This exhibition "playground" built by COSBEAUTY not only brings to life the brand's avant-garde idea of "beauty through science and technology", leading the way for modern women to experience a brand new smart skin care lifestyle", but also garners the attention and praise of many exhibition participants and consumers, resulting in a historic high for the brand in the number of people making inquiries and talking business.




In addition, several new products unveiled during this exhibition were also an amazing surprise. They make use of sleek, modern designs, as well as internationally cutting edge technology, instantly becoming the exhibition's focus, attracting visitors from all over the world, who all want to give the products a try.




Everyone's skin is hiding a different secret, but perhaps you've never truly understood yours. The aiDirect Pro Smart Skin Analyzer Refined Version opens a one-on-one dialogue between you and your skin. Its built-in precision detection and smart skin care App are the two main management systems: the laboratory-grade microscopic imaging captures changes in the skin; the patented characteristic recognition algorithm aiImage will analyze the health of the skin on 9 dimensions, create a plan for customized skin care, and continue to track the effects of skin care. From now on, beauty is in the palm of your hands.





The brand new PerfectSmooth IPL Hair Removal Device has been thoroughly upgraded, and has achieved the perfect balance wavelength and energy level. A grip that fits perfectly, with glide flashing, supporting cordless use, its operation has never been more convenient. At the same time, it is equipped with specialized cartridge lamps to target different body parts, significantly improving the experience. Providing lasting inhibition of body hair growth, it allows the beauty of the body to run free.



Every little action you take now determines the future of you and your skin. The PerfectGlow Radio Frequency Skin Revitalizing Device uses mature medical beauty technology - the multi-array wrap-around deep-wave RF technology TPRF to stimulate collagen and elastic fiber in the dermis layer of the skin, promoting their re-growth, and providing zoning care for different areas of the face in accordance with their respective aging characteristics, using different heads to effectively improve loose skin, fine wrinkles, and creasing, lessening the blow of the time.




Over the last couple of years, COSBEAUTY had been focused on developing smart beauty products and device solutions, and had founded product R&D center in Tokyo and Shenzhen, respectively, absorbing the advantages of Japanese beauty devices and their cutting edge design, integrating mobile internet technology with big data at the core, continuing to develop their two major home-use beauty product series "ai" and "Perfect". At present, the products cover comprehensive skin care needs such as detection, cleansing, moisturizing, nourishment induction, tightening & anti-aging, and body care, and have garnered a high level of praise in the Chinese, Japanese, European and American markets.




With the deepening of cooperation between the Japan Anti-Aging Association, Tsinghua University, the China Medical Equipment Association and the establishment of the U.S. branch, COSBEAUTY will base their future development on sound market understanding, and will be driven by innovation; speeding up their internationalization effort, they will seek to bring more effective, safer, and a better experience to smart skin care, leading the way for modern women to experience a brand new "smart skin care lifestyle", pursuing perfect beauty through smart technology! 




As Asia's largest and most authoritative international beauty trade event, the expo sees a total of 2,504 exhibitors from 46 countries and territories, bringing together top brands from around the world, with visitors from all corners of the globe, and is the definitive annual gathering place for the global beauty industry.