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New products made a big entrance at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017




The four-day Italian Bologna beauty show officially ended on March 20, 2017. The industry recognized number one beauty expo in the world happened to be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, attracting more than 2,500 exhibitors from over 70 countries. COSBEAUTY, the leading brand of home-use smart skin care products, brought new products to the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna.




As the world's top beauty event, Bologna beauty show has become the authoritative platform for domestically famous beauty brands to showcase their latest products and technologies to the world market. In this expo, COSBEAUTY, the brand that has participated the expo for two years in a row, unveiled two new products from the "Perfect" series: the PerfectGlow Radio Frequency Skin Revitalizing Device and the PerfectSmooth IPL Hair Removal Device Joy Version.



It is reported that COSBEAUTY RF Skin Revitalizing Device use patented multi-array wrap-around deep-wave RF technology (TPRF), and is at the moment the absolute cutting edge technology in the field of RF with hexapolar RF technology, and can create a dense and interweaved thermal network within the dermis layer, evenly activating collagen and resulting in an instant tightening and lifting effect for the skin.

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According to the explanation from the employee at the COSBEAUTY showcase booth, the COSBEAUTY RF device and the PerfectSmooth IPL Hair Removal Device Joy Version differs from other similar products on the market in their design concept of "changeable attachment heads, smart Zone-caring". They can specialize to provide more effective care for the facial, the eyes, the neck and the bikini areas.



In addition to the release of new product, COSBEAUTY's many popular star products, such as the Facial Cleansing Device, the Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Device, and the Anion Skin Refreshing Device also made their appearances, and became the hottest items, which were most inquired about by international buyers, at the 35C area of this expo.




 According to the information from the expo organizer, 76% of the international buyers expressed a strong interest in Chinese beauty products. During the recent expos, COSBEAUTY's booth in 35C (China/Hong Kong) has become a must-see for international buyers.




During the expo, COSBEAUTY's A16 booth attracted inquiries from many international distributors from around the world. The two newly released products were coveted by international buyers, who were fighting to become the first to distribute them.




"This is the only RF Skin Revitalizing Device I have seen so far with changeable heads and OLED display, and I can't wait to introduce them to my female compatriots, especially my wife," said a buyer from France.


It is reported that, the Bologna beauty show has become the leading means for domestic beauty brands to obtain international orders. Nearly 80% of Chinese enterprises have reached an agreement with overseas distributors. COSBEAUTY, who is committed to the developing of smart home-use beauty devices, has already become a top beauty brand coveted by foreign distributors.