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Reinventing fashion through technology, COSBEAUTY & "Queen" come together to create a dream


Every girl has a dream.

A dream of the perfect body that stays thin no matter how much she eats, or one of an unbreakable friendship with her BFF;

A dream of a spontaneous solo adventure, or one of a magical wedding in a church.

If you had only 7 days,

How would you realize your dreams?

The third season of "Queen" joins together with the smart beauty device expert COSBEAUTY,

and becomes the catalyst for dreams to come true,

creating a new beautiful life in 7 days.

So let's take a look and see the beautiful miracles granted to the lucky girls who have been selected.


[Finding my beautiful self]

"Just a little dream of sweet romance, wearing my white wedding dress, creating a moment of beauty

together with the person I love."

The power of young love that blossomed on campus conquers even reality. Besides taking on the role as the master of ceremonies, the groom had also been looking for inspirations to make the wedding a perfect surprise for his future bride. As for the bride Diandian, she had always wanted a unique set of wedding photos, an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shine and give everyone a nice surprise. However, she has come face-to-face with one big problem: a wedding dress can be exchanged for another if it isn't suitable, but how would she exchange a face that she isn't happy with? Jia Hong, the master of bringing dreams to life, comes to the rescue with "the little magic mirror" smart skin analyzer, creating a personalized 7-day wedding makeover plan.


7 days later, Diandian shines with brilliant beauty and finally fulfills her dream of the perfect wedding pictures.

[Realizing my beautiful future]

"7 years after the initial launch of my career, online celebrities are all over the Internet, but I'm still lukewarm.

Who doesn't want to become a better version of herself? Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know where to even start."


She has been a TV host and an actress, with numerous appearances on TV programs both big and small, but her dreams of becoming a star seems to only grow ever more distant. Literally anyone can become an online celebrity in this day and age, but Doudou's path to Internet fame had been fraught with hardship; the empathetic Master He and the dream team from "Queen" apply their extensive experience and the power of big data to help Doudou realize her dreams, delivering a 7-day makeover that transforms both the inside and out, reinventing Doudou through the power of science. 

Special guest Xiaobu, an expert in self-care, lends Doudou a hand in finding the heart of live streaming, with a live discussion of hot topics in health and beauty - Doudou is still under the impression that health and beauty is an unreachable field, but it is in fact something that has been popularized and can be worked into the daily lives of ordinary people. Master Xiaobu uses a "home-use miracle hair remover" popular in Japan, the IPL Hair Removal Device, as an example to teach Doudou the secret to becoming a successful beauty guru: "a beauty guru is professional and shares her own experience, so of course she has to also know how to take care of herself!"


7 days later, Doudou successfully transforms into a beauty guru that talks the talk and walks the walk!

Now, with a smile on her face, Doudou has finally realized the dream that had eluded her for 7 years - in the space of only 7 days!

[Beauty is being with you]

"I want to share my beauty with you,

and hope that we can help each other become the best that we can be."

Oversized, ill-fitting pants, clashing colors with no sense of coordination, a blandness that leaves you speechless - this isn't just your boyfriend, and it's also Yezi's boyfriend. Not even bothering with something as basic as washing his face sometimes, Yezi's boyfriend is an unkempt mess that leaves her wordless and at a loss as to what to do. In this day and age where there's a new husband in every episode of every drama, who is going to come save my boyfriend? 

"Queen" sends over Master Lin Yeting, the "Sculptor of Gods", who observes the pair in secret with the makeover team, taking notes on everything from personal image to the dynamics of their interactions, with the goal of sculpting the perfect boyfriend for Yezi in 7 days. First, using the little interactive moments in their morning routine, the team uses the "miracle facial cleanser" to pull the couple closer together - the ever-sensitive Yezi even chooses a deep-cleansing brush head that is especially suited for her boyfriend's skin, melting his heart; next, the boyfriend learns the art of postures from Master Akin, and finds his inner god! Finally, he has to learn to guess what is on her mind, saying goodbye to the clueless idiot, and transforming into the ultimate lady killer.


7 days later, an ordinary boyfriend becomes an extraordinary god.

At the moment of the proposal, countless girls cry in their hearts with tears in their eyes: could anyone give me a perfect boyfriend in 7 days?


 [COSBEAUTY 7 days a brand new beautiful life, metamorphosis in process]


"Every dream is worth cherishing.

7 days is enough for COSBEAUTY to help you transform into a Great Beauty."

During this period, "Queen" also sent some of the best "dream seekers" around: Yao Weitao, Chai Ge, SNH48, etc.

The dream team masters Xiaobu and Jia Hong


There are more dreams that came true thanks to the plans from COSBEAUTY's "7 days a brand new beautiful life". The brand's "7 days a brand new beautiful life" Weibo movement attracted countless young women wishing to fulfill their dreams.



Give yourself a chance to realize your dreams.

Your beauty deserves a brand new beautiful life.