Best choice to remove hair

Ultrasonic Waterproof SkinAqurial Peeling

Scrubber Spatula Blackhead Removal

Salon level peeling care

This is developed with esthetic salon to care at home easily.It can be used for cleanses,rejuvenates and firms skin.

3 features

Water peelng modeDeveloped with esthetic

It can deeply clean nose darkness, old horny substance, rest of make up with 2.6 thousands vibrations per second. Let you have more bright skin.

W Moist Mode2 types import technology

Treatment plate instantly generates a large amount of anion flow.Which helps the nutrients of beauty.Nutrients can be effectively delivered into skin at 3-5mm depth.Lotion quickly absorbed by skin and penetrated into deeper layer.

W List Mode

W action to tight skin, which is the microcurrent and the ultrasonic tapping.


Blow off the dirt of the pores

Aqurial Peeling

  • a multifunctional device that cleanses,rejuvenates and firms skin,brings a glow and vigorous skin, changes the way you take care of your skin and provides multifunctional convenient and effective skin care therapies.